Wind Ensemble

​The Pensacola Bay Wind Ensemble was formed in January of 2016 in Pensacola, Florida ​as a community service under the umbrella of the Pensacola Bay Concert Band ​​and has traveled ​to perform music for residents of nursing homes​, assisted care facilities​, and retirement centers​ ​to those ​who may not be able to travel to a concert venue away from their residence. The Wind Ensemble’s first practice as a group was on 16 January at Christ Church ​Parish​. Originally woodwinds only, plus a French Horn, the group has performed with as few as 6 musicians.

The group was later joined in June of 2016 by members of the brass ensemble for a performance at Carpenter’s Creek ​as an experiment. Soon thereafter, the brass ensemble has merged with the woodwind ensemble and now can count 15 members total. The ensemble has an active schedule and has performed at more than 28 venues (and counting) throughout the area​ plus close approaching some 100 concerts! Cheryl Early heads up the group and is responsible for venue bookings.

Click here if you would like to book our ensemble for your venue (please note we limit our performances to locations described above and at -0- cost.