Member Testimonials

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I am probably the oldest member of the band at 87 years old. I still play and enjoy the piano a bit and the euphonium. When we unexpectedly moved to this area on Halloween of 2015, due to my wife's illness, I looked for a band to play with. For the previous 5 years, I had only been able to play in a summer band in Vermont, but missed regular playing. I found Pensacola Concert Band on the internet and it sounded like the type of band I would enjoy. I contacted Greg and he welcomed me to the band.
    As a bit of my history, I was in the 3rd Inf. Division Band in Korea during the war in 1952 and 1953. After that, played and marched in many bands such as American Legion Bands, Pittsfield Mass Eagles Band, several Shrine Bands, Washington County Band of NY, Lehigh Florida Band, Cape Coral German Band and a 70 year member of the Hoosick Falls,NY Community Band.
    I don't play as well as I did when I was younger, but I still enjoy it and now that I am a year round resident of Gulf Breeze, the Pensacola Bay Band is ideal for me. We are playing good music, the members are friendly and the directors are very patient! I certainly am glad to be a part of the Band.

Walt Dunham

I was a late music bloomer.  I've always loved music but didn't start playing an instrument until I was in high school.  I tried Trumpet but had braces at the time and my parents were warned I might undo all good that the braces had done.  So, my best friend in the world played the Clarinet and I thought it would be cool to play songs together.  I was self taught and had to work like crazy to learn and try to catch up.  I am super hard on myself so failure wasn't an option.  The next thing you know, I was in THE Tate High School Showband of the South and was honored to be a part of history by being in the band when we won Marching Bands of America National Champs!  Once I graduated, I stored my horn in the back of various closets for 32 years.  Picking it back up again, given my background, plus how long it has been, was a daunting prospect.  I thought how, after all these years, can I remember the fingering, how to read music again, and actually making a sound that didn't scare me and everyone around me to death.  But...IT ALL CAME BACK.  It truly is like riding a bike as all of those memories came flooding back.  To be honest, I had to work diligently, in order to gradually get back up to speed, which didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would be.  All of those years of missing that feeling of the joy of playing an instrument in a band setting again came rushing back, and it was powerful.  I was determined to not give in to fear of failing.  I am so glad I gave myself the opportunity to experience the joy,  deep down in my soul,  that only music can reach!!

Greg Vannoy

After 50 years of not playing the clarinet, I purchased a new clarinet and joined the Pensacola Bay Concert Band. It took about 6 months of practice before I had a good tone, didn't squeak too much, and was comfortable with fingering the right key. I am thankful for the PBCB, otherwise, I wouldn't be playing. There are no try outs to join, no pressure once a member to move up, but encouraged to practice a much as possible at home. Thank you PBCB for being there for me.Dave Sanford

Dave Sanford

I graduated high school a few years ago and really didnt want to stop playing my horn.  I found the PBCB and couldnt be happier.  Join us, you will not be disappointed!!

Too much fun

My name is Tom and I am a Father of 3. I have been an IT Director for over 20 years but music has always been my passion.   I, like many, played an instrument in high school and put it away after graduation to only play it once in a while.  I have always wanted to pick it back up again but was scared to audition for a band or didnt think that i would be able to get that feeling back.  I was wrong.  The PBCB is a family.  It is a place to play my trumpet and perform.  We are VERY good and I cannot imagine life without it. -Tom Seeker - Trumpet

Most fun allowed by law!!